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What kind of laying material is used for the floor of cleanroom?

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2022-08-23 18:07


The purification workshop has high requirements for the environment, what kind of laying material is used for the floor of the purification workshop? Purification workshop is generally used PVC flooring, some benefits of using PVC flooring.


PVC flooring for cleanroom is available in various colors, and the color can be determined according to the overall situation of the workshop. You can choose the right color according to the needs of each workshop.


Purification workshop PVC floor has a good sound-absorbing effect, the workshop machine operation will have a certain noise, and PVC flooring good sound-absorbing just can reduce the noise, so that workers can work in a good environment.


The PVC flooring of purification workshop has anti-bacterial effect, once the purification workshop encountered moldy situation is more troublesome, so the purification workshop are selected PVC flooring. PVC flooring does not contain toxic chemicals and does not give off unpleasant odor. Purification workshop PVC flooring with seamless process, will not breed bacteria, green environmental protection.


Purification workshop PVC flooring is simple to maintain, easy to clean, has a good flame retardant, will not start a fire, to a certain extent, good protection of materials and workers safety.


Cleanroom PVC flooring has excellent wear and corrosion resistance and stable performance. The workshop generally has more heavy machinery, a large amount of personnel walking, and also encounter industrial stains, so PVC flooring is a more suitable floor material.


Purification workshop PVC floor has a good anti-slip performance, and the more astringent water, will not slip because of water on the ground, but also a certain degree of protection for workers, to prevent injuries from falling.

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