After-sales service

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I. General Provisions
■ Service tenet: Sincerely serve customers, solve problems for customers, adhere to the "customer first, the return is added value, create a win-win" concept, to serve customers with high quality, efficient purpose.
■ Advantage embodiment: we are specialized in clean room planning and design, clean room equipment installation and after-sales service integration enterprise, with perfect technical support and service, sufficient human and technical resources, rich engineering implementation experience, strict engineering, technical specifications.
Ⅱ. The service image (3 heart + 2 industry)
Dedicated, attentive, loving, professional, dedicated
III. Scope of services.
■ After the acceptance and delivery of each series of products provided by us, we will establish a tailor-made file for the customer's products, which will facilitate regular follow-up and regular service to the customer in the future.
■ After-sales service regular follow-up visits, according to different projects and equipment regular telephone return visits to understand the operation of the equipment, timely proposed a reasonable maintenance program, and the user's operation and maintenance personnel daily operation questions exchange and answer.
■ Operation guidance. On-site assembly of equipment arrives at the user's site to guide installation and commissioning: free guidance to equipment system operation and maintenance personnel for independent operation, maintenance and simple troubleshooting.
IV. After-sales service commitment.

Serial number


Commitment matters


Warranty commitment

Free warranty within the warranty period, lifelong maintenance.


Maintenance Commitment

Phone, fax, e-mail (project manager, account manager, maintenance specialist), and other three-dimensional contact information to ensure that the response at any time, to solve the problem. within 1 hour service response.


Letter Commitment


The first letter within 1 month after the acceptance.
A second letter within six months of acceptance.
The third letter within 1 year after the acceptance.


Door-to-door visit commitment

First visit to the service within 6 months of acceptance.
A second visit to the service within 1-2 years after acceptance.


Full documentation commitment

1、A full set of engineering design as-built drawings
2、Main equipment manual, operation manual
3、List of project transfer information


Training Commitment

1、Master the basic knowledge of clean room
2、Understanding the clean room system of this project
3、Master the operation and maintenance methods of the main equipment and systems of this project


Technical Consulting Commitment

Technical communication and consultation at any time and anywhere with communication tools or special situations on site

V. Clean room testing services:
(1) According to the different requirements of cleanliness level, the clean room will be tested regularly:

Purification level


Temperature / Humidity

Air volume

Pressure difference


3 Months

6 Months

3 Months

3 Months


6 Months

6 Months

6 Months

6 Months

GMP requirements for periodic testing is not in the above table

2)Regular enclosure of relevant equipment in the clean room:

Equipment name

Maintenance time

Equipment name

Maintenance time

Air conditioning mainframe

3-6 months

Purification equipment

3-6 months

Purification air conditioning box

3-6 months

Other equipment

6-12 months

Air conditioning water system

6-9 months

Primary filter

1-3 months

Air conditioning air system

6-9 months

Medium Efficiency Filter

3-6 months

Air conditioning electrical system

6-9 months

High efficiency filter

12-18 months

1、 In the regular maintenance, if the maintenance items meet the design requirements, we will issue a regular maintenance report. If the design requirements are not met, we will issue a maintenance and correction report to assist the customer to make the clean room run normally.
2、 Regular testing of cleanliness, temperature, humidity, self-cleaning time for testing, such as to meet the design requirements we issued a test report.

VI. Cost of after-sales service:
1、 During the warranty period, consumables such as filters are not covered by the free warranty, and material fees are charged; if the equipment is damaged due to the customer, we will bear the repair and maintenance, and material fees are charged.
2、 After the warranty period expires, according to the customer's intention to sign another after-sales service contract, we implement preferential prices.
VII. Consulting Services:
  If you need to know more technical information, you can get it through the following channels:
  Consulting target: company sales staff, technical service center, customer service center
  Address: Building 29, Lane 156, Changji Road, Jiading District, Shanghai
  Postal Code:201805