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Factors affecting the price of cleanroom

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2022-08-24 14:27

A clean room is a space that requires a certain level of air cleanliness and can be used for staff activities and production. With the development of modern production and the upgrading of industrial technology, more and more industries need to use cleanroom, and its price has become a hot spot of concern for enterprises. Here, let Shanghai Lixin take you to understand the factors that affect the price of cleanroom.

1. Industry: the cost per square meter of cleanroom actually depends on what industry it belongs to first, and the price of different industries will have certain differences. The requirements of each industry are different, some plant purification workshop requires heat preservation and moisture, while some require anti-static;.

2. purification area: no matter what industry, are designed and built in accordance with the plant area, so the area is one of the reasons affecting the cost;.

3. workshop design and partition: for purification workshop its not only manufacturing workshop, purification workshop requirements are relatively high, which requires a lot of auxiliary workshops such as sterilization workshop, packaging workshop, etc., each workshop partition will consume engineering materials, naturally will also affect the price;.

4. selection of materials, consumables: materials, not to mention, the choice of what kind of purification materials will pay the corresponding price. Some enterprises if the requirements are particularly high, need good materials, the price will naturally be higher;.

5. Air conditioning system: purification air conditioning system is to make the purification workshop to maintain the required temperature and humidity, air speed, pressure and cleanliness and other parameters. Enterprises need to choose the right supporting system according to their own investment budget and construction needs, the choice of air conditioning system is not the same, the price will also change.

But enterprises do not have to worry too much about the price, because generally speaking, the purification company will first send staff to the scene to survey, understand the specific requirements of enterprises, and then give a quote, enterprises will fully understand where to spend their money, how to spend. For example, the engineers of Shanghai Lixin Purification will first go to the site to measure the size of the program drawings, and then according to the specific circumstances of the project, taking into account the affordability of the enterprise, a combination of factors to determine what purification program to use. According to the drawing design and then the specific material quotation (including ceiling, partition wall, floor, air conditioning, air shower, etc.), design a program that can meet the production requirements of enterprises, reasonable engineering costs, economic and energy-saving practical.

Of course, the above factors are only some of the factors that affect the cost of purification workshop, only after a full understanding of the needs, design solutions, according to the materials and equipment used in the program for price estimation, the enterprise can get the accurate price.

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