Purification project

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Disinfection product clean project-Dailong

Shanghai Dailong Bioengineering Technology Co. is fully committed to the improvement of indoor environment, focusing on the treatment of indoor environmental pollution, is a collection of scientific research and development, manufacturing, marketing and value-added services in one of the professional quality of enterprises.   Through the core advantage of independent research and development, with years of rich experience in industry terminal operation, we have independently developed and produced six series of products: indoor pollution prevention and control, a full set of home care, indoor air purification and disinfection, healthy water purification, aquaculture and automobile pollution prevention, and realized the joint business model of multi-channel sales, forming the first competitive business operation model. With the mission of continuously improving indoor air environment and creating green space, we are committed to the development and promotion of products and application technology in the field of indoor pollution treatment.   Specializing in the production of new multi-purpose anti-microbial agent polyhexamethylene guanidine PHMG (trade name Delonin), indoor purification series products, including photocatalyst, home efficient treatment solution, odor elimination and slow release agent, formaldehyde inhibition solution, benzene catalytic solution, and high temperature catalytic solution and other high-tech products.
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Project Description

Choose us  Five advantages


Focus on food and drug, electronic industry clean room one-stop solution  18years since the establishment of a professional safety management system

18 years industry experience

1、18 years industry experience

18 years of precipitation

200 successful cases

Repeat customers and word-of-mouth customers account for a high percentage

Increasing number of well-known corporate clients



Construction Level 2 Qualified Enterprise

2、Construction Level 2 Qualified Enterprise

Decoration Level 2 Qualification, Mechanical and Electrical Level 3 Qualification, General Contractor of Construction Level 3 Qualification

Have a safety production license

Self-built professional safety management system

Zero major safety accidents since 18 years

3、60 technicians of all kinds

60 technicians of all kinds

We can design and build high level GMP workshop class A and class 1 clean room

Tailor-made design solutions

 Project design are strictly implement GB50073-2013\GB 50473-2008\GB50457- 2008 and other national standard clean specification and the United States federal 209E standard



Third party acceptance test verification

4、Third party acceptance test verification

Self-provided full set of testing instruments, first self-test after third-party testing

 The project construction strictly implements national GMP, US FDA and EU Euro GMP and other domestic international standards.

Customer Focused

5、Customer Focused

Complete standardized process to ensure the construction period and quality

One year after the warranty period, take the initiative to visit 2 times and 1 time at home

 We are convinced that our work is only valuable if the users are satisfied.