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Cleanroom site selection

  Clean plant site selection, site selection should be in line with the principles of favorable production, convenient living, saving investment and operating costs. The site should be located in the natural environment and water quality is better, the concentration of dust in the atmosphere is lower, and the microclimate caused by the topography, features and geomorphology is conducive to production and energy saving. It should be far from the area where a large amount of dust, smoke, toxic gases and microorganisms are emitted, such as airports, railroads, docks, major traffic routes, etc., and on the upwind side of the pollution sources and the dominant wind direction throughout the year, and there is a certain distance of protection. Set up a clean room (area) of the clean plant and the main traffic road spacing should be more than 50 meters.

  Clean plant site selection requirements: 1. The general layout of the plant should take into account the product process characteristics and prevent cross-contamination, according to the production, administrative, living and auxiliary areas, such as a reasonable layout, shall not impede each other. 2. Plant functional facilities must be supporting. Must have to ensure that the production of drugs required for production, warehousing, scientific research, office and water, electricity, steam, gas and other major functional plant facilities, should be equipped with three waste treatment pools, waste materials and waste temporary storage site, parking garage (shed), machine repair, dining hall and other auxiliary facilities. Auxiliary facilities must be appropriate to local conditions, according to the actual needs of supporting, the lack of one will affect the environmental health of the plant, affecting the normal production. 3. set up a clean room (area) of the plant and the plant outside the relative location of the surrounding environment and the relative location of other plant facilities with the plant, apply to the principle of far from the sources of dust, smoke, toxic gases, in the upwind side of the source of pollution, and a certain protective distance. 4. Boilers, three waste treatment, waste residue and garbage temporary dumps and other areas with serious pollution should be placed on the downwind side of the dominant wind direction of the plant, and have a suitable safety distance from other plants in the plant, etc.

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